Project Description

Iceland Group Trips

Go on Iceland Group Trips with Ribsafari with your family, friends, co-workers, students and/or business partners. Or make the day perfect for the bachelor/ette. We can offer you sailing around the Westman islands for groups adding doughnut dragging.

During the trip we can offer you light dishes and drinks on board. Or you can have a picnic in a bay for some time but that is more or less a luxury trip.

Additional information

Tour length: Up to 3 hours


  • The boat is hired per hour and the boat can take upto 12 passengers we have two boats so you can always rent both boats.

Minimum: 1 person

Maximum: 24 persons a t a time but if you are a large group we can always help you arrange this

Time Schedule:

  • All depends on your wishes

For all information about safety, age limitation or health issues and cancellation policies visit our FAQ link

When you are traveling with your family and for example children under 6 years of age the group trip is ideal for you as then you can take children from the age of 5 on the trip. 


Send us an email to or phone us +354 661-1810