The best way to see the puffins, rock formations, wildlife and the amazing Westman Islands


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Iceland Group Trips Go on Iceland Group Trips with Ribsafari with your family, friends, co-workers, students and/or [...]


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VIP/Luxury trips Our VIP/Luxury trips Iceland Vestmannaeyjar are private trips where you’ll experience something unique. Sail around [...]

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Check out the Puffin Sanctuary and Belugas

“So far this has been my favorite activity while visiting Iceland. The scenery they show you is absolutely breathtaking and the guides were great. The boat is fast paced and you get to see a ton of the islands as well as the wildlife. My friends and I had a fantastic time and I would absolutely recommend it to others”

“It is not just a boat trip on a fast boat. It is also the nature. What made this trip so great was the entertaining guide who shoved us all the exciting things one can see around the islands. The boat is powerful but so is the nature.”

Gunnlaugur, Tripadivsor


When it comes to Vestmannaeyjar / Westman Islands we’re proud to say we’re different. Check out how you can get here.

Eagle Air

Do you want to fly to Vestmannaeyjar?You can fly from Reykjavik Airport to Vestmannaeyjar with Eagle AirThe flight to Vestmannaeyjar takes about 20 minutes and there are about two [...]

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