Project Description

Beluga and Puffin Boat Trip

Enjoy going on a guided boat trip and visit the first beluga whale sanctuary and then sail to islands nearby that are amazing puffin colonies. Before or after the trip you and also visit the Beluga Whale Sanctuary that is situated on the harbour in Vestmannaeyjar.

Little White and Little Grey are two belugas that moved recently to Vestmannaeyjar. These belugas used to work in the show-business in China but where moved to Iceland so they can enjoy their retirement. As they have always been in captivity it is not possible to set them free into the nature as they can not provide food for themselves. But with the world-s first beluga whale sanctuary we can provide for them in the wilderness.

We also visit an island that is close by where you can see puffins in the wild and enjoy our beautiful nature.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Meet the belugas; Little White and Little Grey
  • Get informed about the sanctuary and the belugas
  • Wildlife such as puffins, kitty-wakes, gannets, and fulmars
  • Information about our wildlife around Vestmannaeyjar
  • With your booking to this trip you are providing for the belugas and their safety

Attention Passengers: Trips booked prior to July 1: Construction is currently ongoing at the sea sanctuary to prepare for Little White and Little Grey to return to the bay facility with the new intermediate habitat in place. Due to variability in the final planned move for the belugas back to the sea sanctuary, the Beluga and Puffin Sanctuary Boat Trips will either include viewing of the belugas in the landside facility, plus the boat journey to see the bay facility under construction and nearby puffin island or seeing the belugas in the bay facility on the boat trip. The Boat Trip includes admission to see the landside facility and you will see the belugas on your visit with either option, subject to welfare concerns which may limit viewing. Your visit directly funds the care of Little White and Little Grey and we appreciate your understanding during this time.

More information

Tour length: 1 hours


  • Adults: 16,900 Icelandic krona (incl. VAT)
  • Children 2-12 years of age: 9,900 Icelandic krona  (incl. VAT)
  • Infants: 0-2 years of age: free of charge

Minimum: 15 people per trip (Notice we gather 15 or more passengers into a group)

Time Schedule:

  • End of April to end of September at 13:00