FAQ for Ribsafari

  • It is best to book in advance via our website (you can contact us also via mail: info@ribsafari.is or tel. +354 661 1810), we only sail if we have put together a group of six people or more so we might need to cancel our trip or move you to a another trip.
  • We are situated just on the harbor in Vestmannaeyjar, 2 minutes walk away from where Herjólfur ferry lands
  • We usually cruise at 20-25 mph but normally end the trips a little bit faster.
  • Each boat takes 12 passengers and we operate two boats
  • We can custom-make trip for groups and individuals
  • We do not serve any refreshments on boards but we can provide you with custom-made “nip-nap” or luxury “wine and dine” trips.
  • The trips can be dependent on weather and if it is really windy we do not sail, and you wouldn’t want to sail either – but we will of course repay your trip or find another time in collaboration with you.

Safety and other issues

  • We provide every passenger with protective clothing; float suit and life jacket. We have equipment for children from up to one years old but on scheduled trips we recommend the children to be at least four years old but you can always book a private trip for your friends and family.
  • The float suit is warm however we recommend you to bring a hat and gloves. It is also best to wear sneakers or hiking shoes on the trip – we don’t recommend high heels or sandals.
  • Ribsafari ensures the safety and security of its passengers and we go through safety rules prior to every trip.
  • We do not sail with passangers who have back problems or are pregnant ast the boat is riding on waves and it can be bouncy.
  • Alcohol and drugs and Ribsafari’s trips do not go hand in hand. Ribsafari can refuse to take people on trips that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • I can wear your glasses during the trip however we will give you protective glasses to wear over them so that they will not fly off during the trip.
  • You have to declare that you are physically fit prior to engaging in a Ribsafari trip
    We can keep your personal belongings at our office space however we do not take responsibility for them.

Safety equipment

Both of our boats have the following safety equipment: Rubber lifeboats: Big Eagle for 25 people and Giant for 16 people. Top of the art sailing equipment, fire extinguishers, emergency torches, distress flares, emergency radio and Emergency locator transmitters.
At the beginning of each trip Rigsafari’s employees always go through the safety issues with our passengers.

Employees of Ribsafari have the following licences

  • 65 brl captain licence
  • Marine engine drive licence for 750 kw
  • ROC (Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate)
  • All employees have finished courses in maritime

safety and emergency management and have years of experience as sailors and handling RHIB.

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