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Are you traveling to and from Vestmannaeyjar?

During Þjóðhátíð (festival in Vestmannaeyjar from 29th of July to 1. August) it can be difficult to get to the islands and back.

We therefore offer some trips to and from the islands. To the islands, Friday the 29th of July and from the islands Monday, 1. August).

Travel schedule today:

Friday, 29. July from Landeyjahöfn to Vestmannaeyjar = kl. 12:30,  15:30, 16:30, 17:30
Monday, 1. August from Vestmannaeyjar to Landeyjahöfn = kl. 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

You can book your ticket today online.

The price for single trip is 5,500 ISK

More information

The trip takes about 20 minutes

Trips in Vestmannaeyjar during Þjóðhátíð

During the festival we do not offer normal trips but PARTY ribboat trips without a lot of guidance that end with a special treat.

The trips cost 11,000 ISk and you can book online.

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