Round Trip Iceland Hringferð Vestmannaeyjar

2 Hour Round Trip | 2017

A trip to remember as you will see "everything"
A two hour sailing in Vestmannaeyjar on a RIB speedboat. During this trip we... meira

Iceland Group Trips / Hópferðir

Group trips

Go on Iceland Group Trips with Ribsafari with your family, friends, co-workers, students and/or business partners. Or make the day perfect for the... meira

Luxury Trips Iceland Vestmannaeyjar / Lúxusferðir

Luxury Trips

Our VIP/Luxury trips Iceland Vestmannaeyjar are private trips where you’ll experience something unique. Sail around the islands of Vestmannaeyjar and bounce on... meira

Special Tours Iceland hópefli

Special tours

With Special Tours Iceland we can offer you something unique or you come up with a special request which we of course... meira

Bachelor or bachelorette trip Iceland - Gæsun og steggjun

Hen / Stag and action

Make the day perfect for the bachelor/ette and make a bachelor or bachelorette trip Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar. We can offer you sailing around... meira

popular Small Islands Trip

One Hour Small Islands Trip | 2017

Our most popular tour This is our most popular tour | A 60 minutes sailing in Vestmannaeyjar on a RIB Speedboat.During this trip... meira


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