Special Surtsey Trip

Surtsey Trip

Special Surtsey Trip

On the 14th of July at 6 pm we will do a special Surtsey trip. We do this really seldomly so now is your change to see Surtsey up close and personal

Surtsey Trip

We sail to Surtsey and go around the island for about 35-40 minutes so that you can view and photograph this natural wonder that is only about 50 yeras old but Surtsey erupted in 1963. Did you know that Surtsey is the youngest island in the world?

During the trip we will also see the south islands such as Súlnasker which is magnificant island on columns and the gannet rules the world there. We will also check on the islands, Brandur, Hellisey, Suðurey and Álsey.

The south islands are known for their birdlife and by Surtsey we will most likely also see whales such as the killer whale.

We also sail into sea caves such as Klettshellir know for its acoustic and Kafhellir in the island Hæna. Í ferðinni sjáum við einnig allnokkra sjávarhella t.d. Klettshelli sem er þekktur fyrir mikinn hljómburð og Kafhellir í eyjunni Hænu.

Trip lenght: about 3 hours

NOTE that this trip is very dependant on weather. 

Special Surtsey Trip Price

  • Adults: 21.000 krónur
  • Children: 10.500 krónur

Minimum particpants: 10 person (note we gather the group you don’t have to be 10 together)

You can book yoru trip in the calender. But if you require more information you can send us an email info@ribsafari.is or phone us +354 661 1810.



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