Special tours

Special tours

With Special Tours Iceland we can offer you something unique or you come up with a special request which we of course try to fulfil.

What are Special Tours Iceland?

Special tours can be e.g. 

  • If you want to go specially to an island such as Surtsey
  • If you want to just focus on photographing puffins or other seabirds we can take you to that spot where you will just focus on the photographing
  • Or even if you want to have a picnic at a romantic spot which we then call luxury tours
  • You can than also decide at what time you want to sail

More information

Special tours require you to rent the boat by the hour. The hourly price is 110,000 ISK and then a captain and his assistant will take you to your spot.

One boat takes 12 passengers

Contact us via phone +354 661-1810 or via email info@ribsafari.is for booking.

Check out our FAQ about cancellation policies – passenger requirements – safety issues etc.

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