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Project Description

The special island package

During the weekend of 31st of July to 3rd of August we have a special package trips where you can

  • Check out the belugas prior to their move to Klettsvík bay
  • Get a private tour with the puffin whisperer Einar
  • Meet a live puffin up-close and personal
  • Go on a one hour ribboat tour around Vestmannaeyjar archipelago

This combo trip is only available during the weekend 31st of July to 3rd of August

The trip starts at the Beluga Whale Center where the puffin whisperer and guide Einar will take you around the museum and you’ll meet a live puffin and the belugas prior to their move to Klettsvík bay. This is the last change to see the belugas at the museum. Then you will have a blast on a ribboat tour around Vestmannaeyjar  archipelago.

When arriving back ashore you can visit the beluga center again if you want to.

More information

Tour length: 2 hours


Adults: 12,500  Icelandic krona (incl. VAT)
Children 5- 12 years of age: 7,000 Icelandic krona  (incl. VAT)


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