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Iceland Group Trips / Hópferðir

Group trips

Go on Iceland Group Trips with Ribsafari with your family, friends, co-workers, students and/or business partners. Or make the day perfect for the bachelor/ette.

We can offer you sailing around the Westman islands for groups adding water ski rides, doughnut dragging or parasailing.

During the trip we can offer you light dishes and drinks on board. Or you can have a picnic in a bay for some time but that is more or less a luxury trip.

Additional information

  • We take twelve passengers on each boat so in total you can be 24 sailing at the same time. If the group is bigger we can divide it into sessions for you and with our partners in Vestmannaeyjar. We can then assist you to plan you trip in Vestmannaeyjar. For example with museum trips to Eldheimar or Sæheimar or hiking with guide in the lava.
  • When you are traveling with your family and for example children under 5 years of age the group trip is ideal for you as then you can take children from the age of 1 on the trip. We have gear for children from one years of age but don’t take children unless they are five years old on regular scheduled trips as we sail on different speed with such young individuals
  • If you want to make the day perfect for a stag, hen, birthday girl or boy or something similar we can arrange for doughnut dragging or parasailing for that special someone. Check it out here

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Contact us via phone +354 661-1810 or via email info@ribsafari.is for further information.

Check out our FAQ about cancellation policies – passanger requirements – safety issues etc.


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